A weekend get-together

Meeting my Lok Yuk friends had been one of the greatest events since I came back to my hometown. I haven’t met most of my Lok Yuk friends since form 5 which was 6 years ago! Most of us had gone our own ways after SPM. It was Zaidi who proposed the idea that we all should meet up in Center Point on Sunday which was yesterday for a get-together. Those who turned up were me, Zaidi, Annie, Nigel, Ivylenda, Tsang, Loviana, Prisca, Martini and Jamal.

All of us were to meet in Mc Donald’s. We used the time to catch up with each other while waiting for the rest to arrive. When all of us were finally together, we left for a game of bowling. Unfortunately Annie had to leave us for a reason she did not want to speak of. Therefore she did not join us for bowling. It was sad to see her leave so soon but she did stay awhile for the game though. Anyway, we split into 2 teams with 5 on one team and 4 on the other. I think I did the worst on that round. The girls were surprisingly much better than me especially Loviana and Tsang. The game ended with Loviana scoring the highest. She had 3 strikes in a row (which I think was pure luck) which gave her a total 142 points. With that many points, it made me look like an rookie for someone who played bowling before. I wasn’t satisfied so I suggested another round which the rest all agreed. Jamal had to leave for work so we had to play without him. He was actually working on that day but he deliberately skipped work to meet up with us. Anyhow, we started the second round with a person less. That round for me was as bad as the first but I did make some improvement. Loviana from being the best went down the slump to being the worst (well almost the worst). The winner for the second round goes to Zaidi who made a total of 145 points. I wanted to say that I was giving them chance but that would be rude now, wouldn’t it.

After the bowling session, Ivylenda suggested that we have dinner at Tanjung Aru first beach. So we met up there and had our longest dinner ever. We were stranded there for hours due to the heavy rain. Luckily Jamal joined us around the time when we were half way through our meal. He was really good at entertaining us with his stories. Jamal told us his story about his experience with ghost which was half convincing. The part that made it so was the basketball bouncing on its own which was later revealed as a joke. Anyway, the funny thing about the whole story was that Jamal had to beat around the bush just to tell that one particular story. We were all wondering when we will get to hear the climax of the story because he was explaining every single detail of the hunted house. So we had to bare with him for half an hour for the story to finish. However, it was actually good in a way that he made the story suspense and it diverted our attention from waiting for the rain to stop. God bless Jamal.

We reminisce for hours about the good old times in school. We laughed and joked about how we used to be in the best class and how we made fun of each other. I really enjoyed myself last night. Thank you everyone for being there and giving me a great and wonderful day. I wished I had my camera with me. Too bad my dad had lent it to his friend at that time.

I will try and post some pictures here when I have them (one of the girls had a camera with her).


Author: Darren

A 33 year old geek who was brought up in Kota-Kinabalu, Sabah. I graduated with a Degree in Computer Science majoring in Systems and Networking from Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Selangor. I am a CISCO Certified person with CCNA qualification where I am able to install, configure and maintain Cisco and network devices. With my programming skills, I also develop systems and websites for small companies as a freelancer. Things that interest me are computers and its technologies which had been a thing for me for many years now. I am also an open-source enthusiast. I have worked on an open-source project for my FYP that involves Ubuntu, GTK, and Python. I’ve made it through my Degree and I hope that one day I will be able to contribute in some way to the open source community. Other than that, I am a big fan of TV series and movies. I also like reading especially interesting tech blogs on the web.

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