Budget update: August 2017


I’m gonna start doing my own Budget update for every month from now on which was inspired by Ringgit oh Ringgit blog, well hopefully.

August had been a quiet month, not much activities and eating out. July’s expenses were higher since my girlfriend and I went to Kuching for the Rainforest Music Festival. I have started doing food preps too since last July on the weekend for my lunch the next 4 days when I’m at work. I realized that it is much cheaper than buying food outside which would cost me rm6-8 per meal. Now each meal would only cost me around RM4 if I cook my own meal. Well it depends on where I buy my groceries too. I’ve been buying my chicken breast and vegetables from CKS and would cost me rm15-18 for 4 days of meal. But this week I bought my groceries from Pick & Pay since I was already there and I was too lazy to go to CKS the day before I prep my meal. Pick & Pay cost me rm20 for 3 days of meal which is much more than what I usually pay when I shop at CKS. Maybe I should try buying my food from the local market which would be cheaper.


Spending breakdown August 2017


My car loan will most likely end up at the top of the list every single month since it is the highest liability I have right now. The second highest expenses which is Food and Beverage did not change much since last July. The most I’ve spend on food during this month was when I went to Aki Sushi. It is important to note that the month of July and August expenses for food and beverage which are expenses for eating out is lower compared to June. It is during July I’ve started doing food prep so it does lower my expenses on food. My shopping however which are my groceries is higher since I must buy my food prep stuff now. Oh and another extra expenses I have to put down now is my medical insurance which I bought in July. So that is another extra RM215 monthly expenses I must take note of.


Things to Look Forward to:

  • I had resisted for a few months now to buy a perfume I’ve been dying to get which is Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme (ikr, must be the longest name for a perfume). I keep telling myself I don’t need it yet since I have my Bvlgari aqva marine and my Hugo Boss at home.
  • I have been saving some money for a new pair of earphones. I’m thinking of getting 1more Triple Driver which is rated highly with that price tag.

Notetaking service Evernote takes the spot

Evernote for windows

I had recently installed Evernote on my Windows and was surprised by how powerful the service is. I had used other notetaking apps like Windows build in Sticky Notes which basically saves notes that you write on it. Sticky note is only good if you’re just trying to quickly write and retrieve notes on your computer. There are also Linux-based notetaking apps like Tomboy Notes, and BasKet Note Pads but these apps are nowhere as powerful as Evernote.

Evernote can capture anything from text, websites, pictures, videos and audio as notes and then you can access them from the Internet, your computer or your phone. It also has a powerful search function that can scan for text in image files. Evernote supports a number of operating system platforms including Mac OS X, Windows, Android, and Web OS.

You can learn more from the official Evernote website.