Ride of the Flock

Since the release of the new Flock 1.0, the ‘social browser’ had been given high ratings and positive remarks from popular sites including CNET. This could be a new threat to other popular web browser such as Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape. If you don’t know what Flock is or you were left behind, you can read more about it here.

With the soaring popularity of blogging and social networking nowadays, Flock developed a web browser that works well with these websites. With Flock, you will “feel closer” to your social network and blog sites by a few clicks. Below is a screenshot of my Flock.

flock screenshot 1

From the screenshot, you can see the dark bar just below the address bar. This is the Media bar. With it, you can view all photos that your Facebook friend’s uploaded in thumbnail view. It doesn’t have to be Facebook, you can also view photos from Flickr, Photobucket and even YouTube. On the left of the browser is the People sidebar. As you can see in the People sidebar is my Facebook account. The sidebar displays all your friends on Facebook and their status in which they were last logged in. If there are any changes to your friends’ profile, the sidebar will highlight them. This works as well when your friends upload photos to Facebook. And that’s not all. Flock is also embedded with its own feed reader and a blog editor. With all these features it is really easy to get around your social network or blog account.

flock screenshot 2

I had been using flock since the latest release 1.0. And since then I had never experience Flock crashing like my Firefox. The Firefox I’m running had been crashing occasionally on my computer when I attempt to stream media files. Flock currently works great for me after Firefox, but I will not guarantee that it will not break down since it is still new.

I personally think that Flock is a great browser especially for those who are savvy users of social networking and blogging. Therefore, I suggest that you get your copy of the latest Flock and try it out.