Karma and the beast

Hello again people. I have been busy moving my stuff out to my new apartment for the new semester. Next semester only starts after the 10th of November however I want to make things a little easier for myself so that I do not have to carry my stuff to and from the store room. And that explains why I didn’t post for a few days.

Anyway, this week’s been a little dull for me. Mostly everyone has gone back for the holidays. So most of the time I’ll be in my room wondering what to take home and what to leave. I went out the day before yesterday to play MTG with a friend of mine. Did I mention that I am into MTG? Well I do play from time to time when I have nothing else to do. I opened a booster that day and got nothing good. My good friend, Joachim warned me before that I shouldn’t open any booster packets since every booster I opened for the past few months had been a disappointment. I do not know why this is happening to me, buy I am guessing karma is backfiring me. I was into karma at one time until I realize what was coming. I started having bad luck. I loathe you karma! I suppose that would be my last booster for a year!

Other than bad luck harassing me all the time, I did not manage to find anything interesting on the internet or maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough. Other than the news about Firefox 3 will be releasing soon and someone hacking into MySpace page for Alicia Keys, nothing else fascinated me. Oh well, I will keep reading anyway. When I find anything new or mouth gapping, I’ll post it up.