Make IE run faster

I know this is not a new thing but my guess is that many web surfers are not aware of this great plug-in for Internet Explorer. Google Chrome Frame is an open-source plug-in that takes advantage of Google Chrome’s Javascript rendering engine and open web technologies like HTML 5. This plug-in will render pages even faster and these pages will look even better on IE. The latest IE 8 has only some support for HTML 5 by default.

For those who are still running IE especially IE 6, you can download this plug-in and install it for free and you will see significant improvement to your web experience. You won’t even notice it running since it runs in the background. It also runs if it only needs to. Be aware though that not all webpages takes advantage of this plug-in. Web developers need to first include a special tag to make use of it.

The release of the plug-in had stirred up some issues with rival companies like Mozilla and Microsoft. They say Chrome Frame will confuse users and render some of their familiar tools useless because of fragmentations of multiple rendering engines. Its nothing to worry about really since we can’t do anything about it but make use of it.

My dad use to have IE as his default browser until I manage to convince him with much effort to move to Firefox. For those who have friends or family that do not want to let go of their IE, you can install Google Chrome Frame on their computer and they would never know. :)