Multi touch interface

As we all know, the touch screen is widely implemented in many different applications in today’s technologies. The touch screen uses a single touch interface where it only detects a single movement at a time. The touch pad is a fine example. You can’t use two or more fingers to interact with the touch pad. A multi touch interface can however recognize multiple simultaneous touch points. With the multi touch interface, one can interact with it using multiple fingers and can provide rich interaction through intuitive motion. The video below shows the different things you can do with a multi touch interface.

The multi touch technology is not something new. It goes way back to the 80’s but haven’t been widely used since due to high cost to implement. Today, the technology is already utilized in Apple’s iPhone and Microsoft Surface Computing. We will anticipate more of this technology in phones and computers in the future. By the way, the video above was 1 year ago and there are more where that came from. Check it out out at Ted Talks.